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Food in the Huon Valley

 Its becoming another great food hub. There are now many little placing popping up with excellent food alternatives.  We recently called into the Glen Huon Farm Shop which is the home to the Bruny Island Cheese milk .  Looking for something different to do on the weekend, how about Handmade, Small Batch, Sourdough Crumpets made deep in the Huon Valley.  We found these at the Glen Huon Farm Gate Shed in Glen Huon, which is the home to the Bruny Island Cheese Milk. So if you are looking for something different call in and get some of the HuonMeCrumpets.   These can be purchased at the Glen Huon Farm shop in Glen Huon
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Fat Pig Farm Accommodation

  Riverfront estate is a short drive of 13klms to Fat Pig Farm , it offers perfect accommodation for Fat Pig Farm. If you are looking for accommodation for fat pig farm we cater for up to six people.   If you dont want to drive to Fat Pig Farm you can also get a taxi from Southern Taxis  (approx. $45 each way) or Uber Ride (approx. $40 each way).  

Fat Pig Farm Huon Valley

 We love the Fat Pig Farm, the farm is  at Pig Farm is home to Matthew, Sadie and Hedley. Together they run a 70 acre family farm in the beautiful Huon Valley, south of Hobart.  The basic concept of the restaurant is paddock to plate, nearly everything is sourced from the farm or close by.  You eat in the restaurant where the meal is cooked  Since 2011 Matthew & Sadie have been busy turning the one-time apple orchard into a mixed farm. Along with our namesake Wessex Saddleback pigs, the farm is home to chooks, a beef herd and a market garden. They have limited sitting each week, so its not a place you walk into looking for a table, so make sure you use their booking system at  Check Availability   So if you want to book a night with #rvierfrontestate we can organise getting you to and from Fat Pig Farm, for a small charge.

Duckhole Lake - Huon Valley

We decided to do the Duckhole river walk today, which is just south of Dover, the feature of this short and easy there-and-back walk is the idyllic Duckhole Lake. The 4.2km track, most of which is boardwalk, follows a stream through regrowth forest to the lake.  Lying within the Southwest National Park the delightfully tranquil lake is actually a flooded sinkhole. It is part of the extensive regional cave and karst system that includes Hastings Caves. The lake is a peaceful place to sit and listen to the birds and frogs while you have a picnic.  The track follows a late 19th century sawmill tramway for much of the way, and remnants of the tramway can be seen. The walk is approx. 30min to each way and based on the sign its rated in the top 60 short walks of Tasmania.  

Exploring the Huon Valley

 What better way to start exploring the huon valley that doing a gentle canoe trip up or down the Huon River.  At Riverfront estate we have a number of water activities.  Exploring the Huon River is a something everyone should do when travelling to the Huon Valley.  Its one of Tasmanians unsung rivers.  So if you are coming to explore the Huon Valley, stay at  Riverfront estate  and explore all the Huon River has to offer.
Family Accommodation in Huon Valley Riverfront estate makes the perfect option for a wonderful family holiday.  We offer an excellent base for your family holiday in the Huon Valley.  The Huon Valley makes are great base for your next family accommodation base.  You can stay in the center of Huonville and explore all the valley has to offer on simple day trips.  You can explore the length of the Huon River and under used option, either by fishing, or Kayaking, cannoning the river to just name a few options.  There are many bike riding options around Huonville, either doing the circuit up the river as a simple day trip.  The property has a few acres that the kids can run around on or ride the bikes that are provided.  So Riverfront estate offers great family accommodation option for exploring the far south of Tasmania.  Activities including on your stay, include the following; Row Boat - you can cruise the river either heading to Franklin or go up the source of the river, heading to G

Kayaking the Huon River

Tasmania's largest rugged edges are best explored by kayak. The Huon River rises below Junction Hill in the Southwest National Park with much of its upper catchment drawn from the Marsden Range and associated peaks including Mount Anne, Mount Bowes and Mount Wedge. The river flows generally south through the south-eastern portion of Lake Pedder and is impounded at the Scotts Peak Dam. Thereafter, the river flows generally south-east to the Tahune Airwalk. From its source to mouth, the river is joined by 26 tributaries including the Anne, Cracroft, Picton, Weld, Arve, Russell, Little Denison and Mountain rivers. After passing through the rural township of Glen Huon the river flows down rapids to merge with the sea water and become tidal. From there it flows through Huonville, Franklin and Cygnet (Port Cygnet). When the river meets its mouth and empties into the D'Entrecasteaux Channel at Surveyors Bay[2] where the river is more than 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) wide. In the lower reach